How REALTORS®© Help Prepare Buyers to Secure a Home

Dated: January 5 2021

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One of the biggest decision anyone can make in life is getting into Homeownership.  Whether you have had some experience in the market or a first time home buyer, with the help of an experienced REALTOR© it can help to ease the whole process.

Preparing to Buy

Before running out there to see your favorite properites there are some things to determine first.  Normally experienced REALTORS© will set an appointment with potential clients and essentially create a Road Map to success.  Laying out the whole process creating a better understanding for both parties so everyone is working on the same page.  First stop on the map would be financing.


A lot of people begin with a good understanding of how much they can afford and sometimes people don't have the slightest idea.  Affordability is of the untmost importance when it comes to home ownership because one of the worst positions anyone can be put in is being house poor.  Meeting with a Mortgage Professional, getting a pre-approval and setting a Budget that works best with your income and expenses is the first key to success to home ownership


Next stop on the map is the area.  With the Pre-Approval done we determine what factors that are impacting the geographic location of where you would like to live.  Whether it be an family friendly neighbourhood, an up beat downtown area with a great nightlife, public transit or a commute to work everyday, we try to look at all the things that will impact the area that you would like to live.

Needs and Wants

When it comes to homes there are a lot of similarities and a lot of differences.  Better than needs and wants I like to start with what I like to call MUST HAVES.  There are always certain non negotiables when it comes to the ideal home that someone is looking for.  Whether you need a 3 bed home for a growing family, an Eat in kitchen or an upstairs laundry, these are the criteria that the home must have or it absolutely will not serve its purpose. The wants are like the icing on the cake.  They are things that you would love to have in the home, but will not break the deal if the home has everything else that your looking for.  For example someone needs a 3 bed home and would like to have a fireplace. If the 3 bedrooms are there the home will work but with the fireplace it would be just that much more buit if it doesn't have the fireplace it will not break the deal.

Up to Date Listings/Off Market Properties

Another adavantage to working with an experienced REALTOR© is that they are actively searching for the right property for you.  We spend time getting listings to you as soon as they hit the MLS, we search off market properties and we network with other REALTORS© who may have something that is getting to the MLS soon that meets your needs and possibly get you in to see it before it goes live.  A REALTOR© is constantly leveraging their assets to lead you to success.

Looking to buy?  Meet with your local professional REALTOR© and see what they can do for you.

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How REALTORS© Help Prepare Buyers to Secure a Home

One of the biggest decision anyone can make in life is getting into Homeownership.  Whether you have had some experience in the market or a first time home buyer, with the help of an

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